How to get a Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Get the chance to carry on with a decent life in Canada with the assistance of the Canada permanent resident visa, Canada federal skilled workers program, and Provincial nomination programs for Canada.

Canada is the most favored nation for Indians with regards to applying for Permanent Residency Visa. Canada's adaptable immigration policies, cultural diversity, democratic values, career opportunities, and Indian communities, attract a large number of people to apply for PR Visa in Canada from India.

In any case, to get the PR visa in Canada, you have to apply in any of the prevalent and point-based Canada immigration programs, for example Express Entry framework, QSWP, PNP, and so on.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa – What is it?

A Permanent Residency Visa holder in Canada is the person who despite the fact that not the Canadian Citizen, notwithstanding, has been given the Permanent Resident Status in the wake of immigrating to Canada.

The students or foreign workers living in Canada incidentally are not permanent residents. A candidate is given the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) as proof that he/she is a PR of Canada (in the event that the cardholder goes outside Canada). The cardholder would require the PR Card if re-enters Canada.

Top of Form

PR card or Canada PR visa

There are certain eligibility criteria that exist for different visa programs in Canada. Consequently it assists you get the same by increasing your opportunities of getting the Canada PR from India.

You can effortlessly get a PR card once you are in Canada. When you arrive in Canada, this PR card is sent to you via mail. You have six months time after arriving in Canada to send your location to the IRCC to get this card.

When any PR holder leaves Canada, he can just return once he has the PR card with him. This PR card is proof of his PR of the nation. Nevertheless, there is no requirement for him to convey it constantly. With a PR card, an applicant can easily work in Canada.

Benefits of a PR card

The IRCC (Immigration and Refugees Citizenship Canada) asserts that the handling of the Express Entry Program PR visas can be completed within 6 months and in case you are thinking how to apply for Canada PR, then the most ideal approach to apply for PR status is as a skilled worker. The benefits of the PR card are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Right to live, study and work in Canada
  • Protection against crime by the law under the charter 6 of the Canadian Law
  • Right to apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years.
  • Canadian Passport enables you to travel visa-free in the number of nations
  • Allows you to sponsor your relative in Canada.

Benefits of PR

There are various advantages for somebody who gets the PR of Canada. The most significant are:

  • You can be in any part of this nation and effectively study, live and work there.
  • All the benefits enjoyed by a Canadian resident like lower education charges in schools and colleges are likewise applicable to you.
  • You can get the citizenship of Canada following 3 years.
  • You carry on with an ensured life in Canada and the law of Canada totally applies you.

Documents required

  • Sufficient fund’s evidence to support the application
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Originals, duplicates, and official translations of documents supporting the application. Aside from this, educational degrees, diplomas, and certificates, personal identification documents and/or sponsor letters and relevant information
  • Skills assessment test
  • Language Test Results (IELTS, etc.)
  • Additional fees
  • Other documents are dependent on the category of visa.

The pathways to getting a PR visa

There are different programs or categories accessible, applying under which you can get PR in Canada from India. A couple of these programs are:

  • Skilled migrants Program (Express Entry)
  • Self- employed Persons Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program-QSWP
  • Start-up visa (for individuals who have a business idea and somebody to finance it)
  • Sponsorship programs

Skilled immigrant PR

It's the most widely recognized and prominent pathway to get PR in Canada from India. The Skilled Worker immigrants are chosen dependent on their capacity to settle in Canada and add to the Economy here. The Skill Immigrants are being evaluated dependent on their following profile factors

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • English/French Language Skills
  • Age
  • Other Such Factors

Skilled Immigrants can apply for Canadian PR by means of Federal Express Entry System.

The Express Entry - Skilled Immigration has three main streams as:

  • Federal gifted workers (for outside candidates with talented professional work experience)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (for candidates with experience in skilled manual work)
  • Canadian Experience Class (for candidates in Canada having skilled professional work experience)

Self-employed Person PR

The self-employed individual is an outside national who has significant experience, can be self-employed in Canada, and add to the economy here. The candidate will be chosen dependent on the criteria, for example

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience,
  • Language abilities, and

Aside from above, such candidate additionally needs to meet the medical and security prerequisites

Provincial nominee PR

This program is for the candidates who have the nomination from a territory or state in Canada under its concurrence with the Government of Canada.

For the most part, a candidate needs to apply straightforwardly to an area or domain to be considered under its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

You would require applying in two phases for a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

  • Apply to the PNP of province or territory where you need to live. Your application will be checked on by that region, in light of below two viewpoints:
  1. Its migration framework necessities (for the most part a point-based framework)
  2. Whether you truly plan to live in the territory.

The previously mentioned criteria may change according to most recent updates, thus, you are informed to check the site concerning that specific territory.

  • Apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) for PR after you get a nomination certificate from an area. The IRCC official will survey your application dependent on Canadian principles.

According to the procedure, you have to finish a medical test and get a Police Verification (declaration). The checks are compulsory for all the immigrants, regardless of where they intend to live in Canada.

QSWP (or investor or entrepreneur program) PR

The region of Quebec has a concurrence with the Government of Canada for the determination of Immigrants outside Canada according to the region's ability necessity for its labor market and economy.

You would need to apply in two phases in the Quebec immigration program.

  • Apply to the Quebec government for a certificate of selection (CSQ). This will affirm that Quebec has acknowledged you as an outsider. Quebec will audit you utilizing its own principles.
  • Apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) for Permanent residence after you get the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

According to the procedure, you have to pass a medical test and get a Police Verification (declaration). The checks are obligatory for every one of the settlers, regardless of where they intend to live in Canada.

Start-up visa

It applies to the people, who have a business idea and somebody to fund it also, for example, the individuals who need to set up a new business in Canada. This visa permits the selected candidates and their relatives to come to and get PR in Canada.

So as to have the option to get a start-up visa, you have to:

  • Meet the language capability prerequisites
  • Prove that your Business plan or idea is being upheld by a chosen Organization
  • Have an adequate arrangement of funds

Since the Canadian Government does not support the Start-Up ventures, consequently, you should have the evidence that you have adequate assets. The sum is determined by the Government dependent on your family size and is updated every year.

PR through Family sponsorship

In case you are 18 years of age and a native or permanent resident of Canada, you can support certain relatives to come to Canada under the Family Class immigration.

The relative can be:

  • Your dependent child (this includes an adopted child) or
  • Your spouse,
  • Your conjugal or common-law partner,
  • Other eligible relatives.

In case your relative can turn into a permanent resident, they can live, work and study in Canada.

Canada PR points system

Candidates can get the greatest score of 100 and need a base score of 67 on a normal to meet all requirements for the migration procedure. The accompanying rundown will reveal to you how many points you can score in each portion of the framework of the points:

  • Language Skills – 28 points maximum
  • Education – 25 points maximum
  • Experience – 15 points maximum
  • Arranged Employment – 10 points maximum
  • Adaptability – 10 points maximum

Processing of PR from India

When you have the invitation to apply for PR visa, through any of the above Canadian Immigration program (for example express Entry, QSWP, and so on.), you have to apply for PR visa for Canada immigration.

The Permanent Resident Visa processing starts through high commission or Embassy of Canada. The following are the primary requirements of PR Visa:

  • Submit fittingly filled permanent visa application
  • Provide the Application Fee
  • Attending the meeting to be held with the Immigration Representative
  • Medical and Character Certificates, and so forth.