What is the Canada PR Visa Processing Fee For Indians in 2019?

Canada is one of the most viable alternatives with regards to settling abroad. Migration to Canada is one of the most economically practical and low-cost immigration processes in the world. Besides the advantages of migration for people with PR visa like free medicinal services and free training, the real expense of migrating to Canada is very low.

Canada Immigration visa handling charges for Indians are affordable by each immigrant who files their PR visa for Canada during 2019. Your absolute expense to Canada incorporates costs of visa application charges, medical examination expenses, airfares to Canada, English language (IELTS) test charges, and so forth. This cost is variable to elements like how many members are accompanying you, place of accommodation, and other various factors. Also, there are some fixed costs that you compulsorily need to meet. These expenses are:

Canada PR Visa processing fee structure for Indians

Processing charge is the definite expenditure which must be paid to the government authorities of Canada. Under each program, processing fee differs.

Below-mentioned is the processing fee for primary, secondary and child candidate in every class of program offered by Canada:

Economic class application- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) category:

Processing fee:

  • 550$ for primary applicants
  • 550$ for the second candidate (spouse/common-law partner)
  • 150$ each for children (below 22 years)

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) category

  • CAD785 for primary applicants
  • CAD168 for the spouse or de facto spouse
  • CAD168 for each dependent child

Provincial Nominee Program

For the PNP the exact amount depends on the Province you are migrating but the general accord is:

  • 550$ for primary applicants
  • 550$ for secondary candidate(spouse/common-law partner)
  • 150$ each for children (below 22 years)
  1. Fees for OINP (Ontario Provincial Nomination Program) 2019

Ontario draws in numerous skilled people each year as it is the capital area and normally more facilitative than the rest of Canada. To be qualified for an assignment from Ontario, your Comprehensive Ranking Store (CRS) while in the EE pool must be 400 or more. Ontario sends NOI (Notification of Interest) to those with CRS 400 or more. After receiving NOI, you have to pay a fee of CAD1500 to Ontario.

  1. Fees for SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program) 2019

SINP is one more appreciated pathway to Canada Immigration. In the event that you are eager to move to Saskatchewan territory of Canada, an expense adding up to CAD300 is to be paid for Saskatchewan nomination.

Other miscellaneous charges for 2019

Aside from the Processing charges a couple of different charges that are incorporated into the immigration list are

  • RPRF (Right to Permanent Resident Fee)

This is the expense that is paid by every one of the candidates upon landing in Canada and this should be paid to the CIC before the PR Fee is issued to the candidate. The expense charged under this class is 490$. When you are chosen and apply for a PR visa, you should pay the expense of issuance of the PR visa to Canada. The normal expense of issuance revolves around 550CAD

  • Travelling tickets

This cost will differ contingent on the size of the family and the number of immigrants. The general plane ticket for one individual is 1300$ – 1800 $ per person.

  • IELTS exam fee

IELTS represents the International English Language Testing System and is an all-inclusive perceived and institutionalized English language testing framework. This obligatory documentation demonstrates that you have the minimal language capability that is required by the IRCC to permit your entry into Canada as a PR. The registration cost for the test at present is 225.083CAD

  • The ECA (Education Credential Assessment )

The IRCC, Canada's premier immigration body, necessitates that all immigration applicants who have earned their educational qualifications from outside Canada must get the ECA from the World Education Services. The reason for this report is to demonstrate that the certification you have is equivalent to that of the Canadian education system. An ECA is legitimate for up to 5 years, so you will probably need to take up this cost just once. The expense for getting this document is 200CAD. Likewise, you may need to pay for any related conveyance charges.

  • Passport cost

These are costs which you should bear so as to get the passport to travel abroad and validate your identity to the Canadian experts. The all-out expense of this procedure relies on the number of individuals going with you to Canada. The normal expense of issuance of a passport fluctuates between 18.60 - 37.20CAD for a person. In case you do it by Tatkal, then you should pay an extra fee of around 37.20CAD for every passport.

  • Medical examination

The IRCC orders that each foreigner, after arriving on Canadian soil, must undergo a complete medicinal test. Normally, the expense of this test will differ contingent on the number of individuals joining you. You can generally inquire locally to discover the precise expense of this strategy or make an inquiry to a solid immigration expert for the equivalent. The average expense of every therapeutic test is 250CAD.

  • Biometrics fee

A biometric charge is obligatory for Indians to Immigrate to Canada. The new prerequisite for the Indian by the Canadian Government from the following year to give the Biometrics for the individuals who are applying for the visitor, study, work, and PR Visa from 31 December 2018. For this, each candidate needs to pay 85CAD who are under the age group of 14 to 79 Years.

  • Police certification cost

These testaments check that you don't have any charges pending against you and furthermore exhibit your lawful history. Certain immigration applicants are denied PR visa on the off chance that they have a criminal record. The total cost of getting these authentications differs and relies on the number of people going with you yet all things considered you will require 15CAD per individual.

As should be obvious from the above-mentioned, there are a few autonomous components that meet up to decide how much your Canada immigration will cost you. Nevertheless, as an average, you ought to expect that the whole procedure will cost you somewhere in the range of 1700 and 1800CAD. Commonly, immigration applicants are not able to get through in their first attempt and in this way, need to take up the extra cost of applying in the following year. This pointless cost can be kept away from by applying for a Canadian PR from a dependable migration expert. They will enable you to keep expenses to a minimum and make the whole immigration process exceptionally cost-effective.

Documents required for immigrating to Canada

These are reports you should demonstrate once you are chosen for immigration. Nonetheless, it is wise to have these ready previously so there is no delay in applying for the PR visa. The documents need to demonstrate that you have enough cash to help yourself and any other dependants like a partner, children, siblings, parents, etc.and so forth that are joining you to Canada for a time of up to three months. Note here that in case you have a legitimate job offer from a Canadian employer before you move, you won't have to give these documents to the immigration authorities.

 The documents are

  • Passport Procurement Costs
  • Medical Certificate Fees
  • Permanent Residency Application and Right of Permanent Residency Costs
  • Proof of Funds

Proof of funds 

Money is the most significant resource when you are intending to relocate to any nation. It brings you monetary security as well as adds decidedly to your application as no nation would incline toward a jobless outsider in its area. Additionally, the measure of cash required for survival relies upon the size of the family. As a candidate for the PR status, you ought to have the option to demonstrate that you have enough finances accessible to pay for your living expenses. Further, it can't be borrowed money and hence it is significant that you demonstrate that you are capable of earning through your education and work experience. In such a manner, two classes can emphatically help your case which is

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Traders Program

The main cases under which you need not demonstrate that you have funds accessible with you are:

  • If you have a substantial job offer in hand
  • Authorized to work in Canada
  • Meeting the requirements of Canadian Experience class

The proof of funds is a legitimate method where certain documents are required that can demonstrate that you have enough funds accessible. The details ought to be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution and appropriately signed by the authorities. A few of these reports are

  • Bank account details

Your bank account details would incorporate the date of opening of each account, the present balance in each bank account and the average balance in the last 6 months in every account.

  • List of outstanding loans
  • Credit card statements

The total amount of money needed for your immigration will rely on your candidature as well as the number of family members migrating with you.

Below mentioned is the info of minimum funds required

Number of Family Members                                   Funds required

  • 12,669CAD
  • 15,772CAD
  • 19,390CAD
  • 23,542CAD
  • 26,701CAD
  • 30,114CAD
  • 33,528CAD

For each additional family member 3,414CAD

The above-mentioned tabular figures are in agreement with the present rules of thumb specified by CIC. Any changes in the fund prerequisite policies can be declared anytime by the Canada Immigration department.