Canada-Your dream destination

Wondering which is one of the best countries to settle down with family and loved ones? Your vote must go to one and only Canada-The serene maple leaf country. If you are aspiring to move this land of opportunities then you must have the idea about the entire process that needs to be followed to migrate to this country. So here are some of the important details that you need to do about Immigration to Canada.

Canada tourist visit & visa

The popular visa categories to Immigrate to Canada:

Permanent resident visa:

If you want to settle down in Canada for good then you need to select this visa category.  This category has a number of different sub-categories like Skilled immigration, Quebec skilled worker programme, Investors, entrepreneurs and self employed class, family sponsorship and live in care visa. Every Immigration PR Visa will have its own specific requirements that the candidate needs to fulfil.

Visit visa:

If you have plans to visit Canada as a tourist then you need to apply for the visit visa or tourist visa. There are certain documentation formalities that one needs to fulfil in order to apply for this visa.

Study visa:

Canada is one of the best places for higher education. There are a number of good universities and institutes. If a student wants to pursue higher studies in Canada then he or she has to apply for the Student permit visa. The Indian students can also take advantage of Student partnership programme.

Working visa:

Skilled workers who want to work in Canada for a short need to apply for the appropriate category of working visa. There are some temporary work visa categories which the candidate can consider.

Working Holiday visa:

Canada PR Visa

This visa gives you the opportunity to combine work with the holiday. Individuals between the age group of 18 years to 35 years can apply this visa. It will also depend on the nationality of the applicant.

Business visas:

Entrepreneurs who are willing to start a new business in Canada or are willing to make investments in an existing business in Canada can apply for this visa. The candidate must have enough money to make huge investments if they want to apply for this visa.

Canada Immigration Visa-Offers benefits to everyone!

Canada Immigration

Large numbers of people migrate to Canada every year as there are number of good opportunities for immigrants. These immigrants include skilled workers, international students, people opting for family visas and investors.

Skilled workers:

Canada has a deficit of skilled people and hence they want more number of skilled immigrants who can contribute towards the economic development of the country. There are certain occupations which have huge demand. The classification of the occupations is done based on the skill levels. The skilled workers who apply under the Federal skilled worker programme need to select the correct occupation from the skilled occupation list. The candidate needs to give proof that they the required skills for that occupation.

Businessmen and investors:

The government of Canada wants more foreign investments. There are some very good visa categories for businessmen and investors through which the applicants can get a permanent resident visa. But the required criteria needs to be fulfilled and the candidate has to make a certain amount of investments.

International students:

Canada has a very good education system. So naturally, students who want to get quality higher education must apply for the student visa. There are a large number of academic and vocational courses. Besides good quality education, there is one more advantage of studying in Canada. This is a peaceful and safe country. The crime rate is low and the country is safe for women and children. Overseas students can also get some good job opportunities in this country.

A look at the different Canada immigration programmers:

There are a large number of immigration programmes. The candidate needs to select the right Canada Immigration Program and apply for the visa. The different programmes are as follows:

  • Skilled immigrants or Express entry programme
  • Quebec selected skilled workers programme
  • Canadian experience class programme
  • Start-up visa programme
  • Immigrant investor or venture capital pilot programme
  • Self-employed persons programme.
  • Family sponsorship programme
  • Provincial nominees programme
  • Caregivers programme
  • Refugees program

Canada Immigration Requirement:

Each visa category will have its own specific requirement. But there are some common requirements which are applicable to most of the visa categories. These common requirements are as follows:

Language proficiency:

The candidate needs to be proficient in one of the official languages of Canada that is either English or French. They need to appear for the language test from registered agencies and the scores for the same needs to be submitted. For English language the candidate needs to appear for International English Language Testing System that is the IELTS test. For this first official language score of CLB 7 is mandatory.


The candidate needs to get his degrees and qualification assessed by the Educational Credential system if they want to apply for the Canada immigration programmes.

Health and character certificate:

In most of the cases, the candidate will be asked to submit a health certificate that endorses that the candidate is in good health. The character certificate is to certify that the candidate has good moral values and is not a potential threat to the country.

These are the common factors. There are a number of other factors like age, education, skills etc which are also considered but this will depend on the visa category.

Factors affecting the processing time of the visa:

  • The processing time is the time taken for the completion of the formalities and receiving the visa. This will vary depending on many factors. Some of the factors are as follows:
  • The immigration programme that the candidate selects. There are some visa categories which may need more processing time as compared to others.
  • If the candidate wants to avoid any delays then they must ensure that they submit the visa application form without any mistakes. If there are any mistakes then naturally the processing time will be more.
  • There are a number of documentation formalities that need to be completed. Fast submission of the documents will naturally speed up the process.
  • There some visa categories in which the candidate has to get the approval of Labour market impact assessment. The time taken to get this approval will also affect the processing time of the visa.

A brief account of Canada point-based system:

There are some visa categories like the Federal skilled workers programme which depends on the points-based system. More the number of points scored by the candidate a better are his chances of selection.

The points are allotted based on different factors. These factors are age, skills, education, work experience, language proficiency etc. The aim of the candidate has to be to earn as many points as possible. There are certain factors like age on which the applicant has no control. But the candidate can always try and get more points in other factors like language proficiency, education etc.

More points will give the candidate better ranking and his chances of selection will be better. The candidate can score additional points for the following reasons:

  • Sibling is PR or citizen of Canada
  • Candidate has proficiency in both English as well as French language
  • The candidate manages to get the Provincial nomination.

Policies and Rules for immigration to Canada:

The policy and the rules will depend of the visa category that the candidate has selected. Every visa category has its own specific rules and policies. It is therefore, better to consult the best Canadian Visa Experts like us.

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